Wanda real estate profiteering era end to do loans?

on April 15, Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's "thought sink", said Wanda in a thorough restructuring of real estate, start the asset-light. "Real estate profiteering era end, hard to earn money, industry trends," "Wanda business platform products will go on sale next month, funds, insurance products."

said Wanda is actively exploring the securitization of assets such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), external investments + financial and Internet, thus reducing the dependence on property for sale.

"now we concentrate on real estate investment trusts, at present, in discussing the issue of the investment threshold, our idea is that by 500 Yuan to sell. Expected initial yields around 10%, to listed projects revenue of about 30%. "Wang said that Wanda's idea is through real estate investment trusts to raise funds on the one hand, on the other hand do something they are good at building commercial properties, investors return, and some of the projects listed.

in addition, Wang also said that Wanda still do POS machines at present, the product has been produced, but volume is too large, more expensive, is not conducive to selling.

"Wanda shopping malls across the country currently has 1 million POS machines, that is, made clouds POS machine, we have a large consumer information, consumer spending power. According to this information, we can direct Wanda to store these consumers to make consumer loans. So Wanda can't do the banks, but it will make consumer loans. "Wang said.


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