P2P network platform four credit risk

P2P online lending platform platform survival depends on your ability to control the wind, wind control P2P industry is a major key, who can complete air control and who has the real power

P2P industry the four risks described below, which may be able to help some radical net credit risk prompted investors return to reason, keep your "money bags".

, operational risk

operational risk is one of the many P2P platform failure, operating risks, and not only because of poor management of this article, also from projects, operation and risk control in three aspects to elaborate briefly operational risk P2P platform.

project risks mainly refers to the item is overdue, bad debt risk is raised. Some platforms in order to expand the capital stock, regardless of the P2P intended for developing micro-finance, publishing some tens of billion of lending, which form the subject of a large loan in the event of bad debt, extreme loss of investor confidence, caused a run on.

many platforms to quickly attract popular within a short time to meet investor preference for short-term psychological, will split into several short term projects for a long time, such split RCAs caused funding maturity mismatch occurs, there will even be new or old, hidden in increasing operational risk.

overdue, bad debts, in the final analysis is the low standard of review (feel free to lend will accumulate risks), risk control processes, single cause. Risk control is the core P2P platform. A professional risk control team, a rigorous approval process, both to guarantee financial security, and platform development menace.

liquidity risks second,

liquidity risk is insufficient to cope with debts arising, widespread in the financial sector. P2P platform, liquidity risk is also the biggest potential risk, generally concentrated in October-February. Why? from the platform, many products are the monthly payments, by the end a one-time service, thereby increasing platform financial pressure from investors, there will be a lot of money at the end of clearing accounts, this time only to collect money, not money, have a great flow of capital needs. These two met, would have caused a tight money, liquidity risk. This time, if there are insufficient financial strength of the platform, it is difficult to deal with a high volume of withdrawals, it's easy to fall. Therefore recommend that investors when choosing a platform, look at the platform's intelligence background, background, capital of the shareholders, in order to avoid the minefield.

third, systemic risk

systemic risk or market risk, generally refers to the external environment (such as policies, economic fluctuations) risk arising. For a long time, P2P is always appeared with keywords such as illegal fund-raising, touching the red line, can be said that the development of P2P has been wandering in the grey area, survival in the crevice. But as the country financial development given the positive and open attitude to the Internet, P2P NET loans also gained senior recognition 2015 policies tend to be clear, in the context of regulatory approvals, the sustained and healthy development. If not supported by the policies of P2P development, P2P platform that is "illegal" operation, banned by the Government, no platform is immune. Systemic risk from macro-environment, every industry is irresistible and inevitable.

four, moral hazard

Wang yan Xiu in the ten principles require "P2P should strengthen industry self-regulation", which just goes to show, in wild growth time, P2P platforms lack of truly effective financial regulation, can easily cause moral hazard. The platform most likely to cause moral hazard is "melting" platform, publishing false projects to lure investors high yields. Thaw platform without pools, these platforms are often not to isolate the investor funds, borrowing money does not flow to the project, but rather into platform of private accounts, the platform owner can use. How to fundamentally eliminate pools? first platform for investor funds managed for third parties, strict isolation information flow and capital flow to ensure platform cannot touch the money, eliminate platform possibilities of volume run. At present, some mainstream P2P platforms generally select pattern is cooperation with third party payment institutions, the funds are managed by third parties. They will choose in the field of financial credibility, earlier a group of access licences to third parties.



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