Capital market acquisitions P2P curve

Panda Internet finance in transition: the company intends to buy your loan financial information services company limited (hereinafter referred to as your loan) ownership, control and renamed the securities referred to pandas.

this message that triggered the trade discussions, your loan "curve listing" is a case or a sentinel listed financial firms get together via the Internet? " Capital market could become the next P2P companies curve. P2P finance platforms, belonging to the category in the financial sector, and greater demand for capital, by logging into the capital markets to raise its visibility, implementation and financing and expand. Current industry regulations are not perfect, curve sign in capital markets become the alternative choice. "The investment adviser consultant analysis of Cui Yu. Opportunities for both sides, and reason, those loan company contacted you, but because times are now more sensitive to companies not much explanation.

Panda farewell Fireworks   Internet banking

notice under Panda fireworks displays, the company and the Shanghai Bank Financial Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as Mikasa finance ", Yan Dinggui signed the cash to buy assets and the share transfer agreement, Company intends through paid cash of way purchase Ka silver financial legal holds of you I loan 95% of equity in the of 46% equity (accounted for you I loan company total equity of 46%), purchase strict set your legal holds of you I loan company 5% of equity (accounted for you I loan company total equity of 5%), purchase Ka silver financial legal holds of Ka Silver (Shanghai) Enterprise levy letter service limited (following referred to "Ka silver levy letter") 100% equity in the of 51% of equity (zhanjiayin levy letter total equity of 51%). Meanwhile, the company intends to not more than 10 non-public offering of shares to raise funds for a particular object, cash price to pay for the transaction, fundraising gap with their own funds.

Meanwhile, Panda Fireworks also announced that Panda gold securities referred to prosecution. In recent years, the popularization of environmental protection was upgraded to Panda Fireworks bring a certain amount of "distressed", the company decided to seek transformation, financial direction for the future development of the Internet, one after another to rent the Fireworks business assets to sell, shut down and split processing.

P2P enterprises through listing or curtain

July 2014, the Panda owned by Silver Lake online financial platform of the Internet lines, according to Shanghai Panda Fireworks provides stock exchange shown in the notes on the annual ex-post audit opinion letter, Silver Lake network there are two main sources of income, Part set for your business success by borrowing capital and determining the cost of intermediary services, the proportion of borrowers, lenders when revenue is recognized; another part of the management fee for borrowing, loan principal and determine what percentage of the borrower's payments are to be received, repayment success, revenue is recognized. Silver Lake network as a matchmaking platform, major costs that spending on online promotion, platforms, equipment and maintenance expenditures, platform technology and extension workers compensation costs. Your loan's official website showed, which was founded in June 2011, since its inception, the service has covered more than 30 provinces of the country more than 100 cities, through the platform dock funds into two or three lines of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese cities, towns and rural areas, helping hundreds of thousands of much-needed financing the development of small and micro enterprises and individual business practitioners to apply for loans through credit.

on the face of it, your loan and Panda's financial platform of the Internet business have fit in, so after a Panda holding your loan, business integration, and is also one of the industry's focus. And the whole industry, shares in dozens of companies now are more or less involved in the Internet in the field of financial, and clusters of Internet banking platform, good smell when running under messages, therefore, industry consolidation and mergers of loud.

you I loan "curve listed" whether will raised Internet financial industry curve listed of wind does? Cui Yu think has this may, "Internet financial with capital markets of benefits is obviously, can through capital markets financing, full capital strength, conducive to upgrade brand influence, ease funds pressure, through login capital markets expanded scale, also can in industry is in growth period Shi lay itself status, get more of market. Advantage is that current industry's own lax risk control and supervision is not perfect, curve via the capital market may lead to investors and increase the risks. "



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