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Success stories

Lee successfully a loan of 2 million

an advertising company boss Lee, needs 2 million funds for bidding, payment must be made within 3 days. She had originally planned with existing value of 3 million residential mortgage loans from a Bank, but due to time effects, cannot be met within the prescribed her the loan demand. So she found rongxin century was introduced, after application, with its own residential mortgage, got 2 million in 2 days cash flow, and the term was borrowed, the successful completion of the tender.


successful loan of 200,000

Zhang, male, 45 years old, man, Huli, Xiamen, home, 1 8-storey building rent, monthly rent is 20,000 yuan. A new addition this year of a building, a 5-story building, an area of about 1000 square meters, total investment needs about 1.2 million, leaving a shortfall of 200,000 yuan for paying workers by the end of. Zhang through the taxi parking ads seen rongxin centuries of contact, and take the initiative to apply for loans. Rongxin century loan officer verifying a rental income, immediate help for the loan procedures, and quickly approved. When I get a loan, grateful, rongxin century put him in difficulty. "

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